Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Treasure Grove weekend market @ Plaza Damas

Criola's Arts & Earth collection at Treasure Grove

Date: Feb 2-3, 2007

Treasure Grove weekend market in Plaza Damas

(Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre)

opens every Friday 3-10pm, Saturday 12-10pm.

Proceeds of the sale will go to the Global Environment's River Care Programme and Fund.

Our river needs your help.



Sale @ Changkat Riong


No 46,
Changkat Riong KL
(near NSTP Bangsar)

Inquiry call : 03-2284 1289


Thursday, January 25, 2007


Bangkok report - Jan 21 & 22nd

My maiden visit to Bangkok called for an all out combing of Chatuchak and Suan Lum markets, went to Siam Square twice. I know I missed other markets...maybe next time. Here are the sights of Bangkok (in shopping action)...

Ae is a friendly fella, I got a few bags from him, also a pink polka baby doll dress made by his mom, inspired by Korean traditional costume. His store at the Chatucak is located at Section 14, Soi 16.
Justin and I were quite impressed with the police there...
Siam Square
Got this Tsumori Chisato bag from a 2nd hand shop, RM 35I wore the red belt I got from Ea's store (Chatuchak) at Siam SquareSights of Nana
the street market at Nana (pics by Justin Tan)The bag I was carrying is from Ea's store in Chatuchak.Some of the gifts I got for girlfriendsSome for myself
Notes on the markets I went to:
Suan Lum Night Bazaar
i was reading about this market from the net and some folks said it is just popular for no special reasons but i find it -
smaller, friendlier market, because of the size and the way the store are arranged. well yes, it's cleaner and more spacious and has the upper class feel to it (to cater to certain kind of tourists). higher price for slightly better quality of goods, there are the odd n interesting stores if you look carefully. do bargain but you can choose to believe the vendors when they tell you you won't find their goods in another store there. i got some silk shawls from this lady who runs a factory making the shawls, she wouldn't lower the price any lower than 650 baht for one particular type of shawl and said she is the only store with that type...true enough I found out. so i got two from her. bought some fancy, 199 baht each but sizes were limited, hand work is so so but that's what you get for bras of that price range. found a crazy store selling wacky n outrageous...outlandish costume jewellery, bought a feather scarf from there, think dramatic.

Chatuchak Weekend Bazaar
i was so excited about going to the biggest market but somehow when i got there i took my time to start bargaining. it took me a while to start buying because it wasn't easy to find the more interesting stores selling the more unique ware...of course it's so huge that you will bound to find something you like. i was happy to have found Ea's 2nd hand store with the wonderful handbags and knick knacks. food stores are almost everywhere and the smell is tempting! the temperature in the market is not so bad if you start shopping from morning. i got there round 930am and by 1pm i was tired already and wanting to get out of there...partly because i found myself walking round n round the same corners (bad navigation skill). i got pretty good stuff there though, wish i bought more stuff...but my body wouldn't let me trot anymore that day. oh ya, forgot my electric hand-held fan in the hotel also ;p

Pat-Thong Marketwas there for the sleazy bars actually hahha, you know, to see it for myself for the first time and all. anyway Justin was keen to walk round the market but I wasn't a bit interested at all because after doing my rounds at Suan Lum, the goods on sale at this market just look, so plain...and ugly? basically i walked along the stores scanning through the stuff, nothing stood out at all and i didn't buy anything there.

City Square
funky!!!! Lots of expensive, exotic classy stores/boutiques around so spend if you can afford it! we had fun watching the sexy Uni-students parading round in variety of white blouses and black skirts and school girls with really short skirts. you'll find cheaper goods all over, all you need is time, patience and the passion to conquer! was happy to find a tiny second hand store nearby (sorrry i forgot to take down the shop name) where i got my Tsumori Chisato bag, monochrome vintage belt, plastic clip-on earrings and this ultra cool see thro pink blouse with yellow neckline...the prices in general are higher than the markets but if you can find something good and it's way cheaper than shopping in KLCC in KL, then buy it! i will be running a sort of fashion report on the folks in Siam Square in my fashion blog in a day or so...check it out.


Monday, January 08, 2007


Centre Point Flea Market strikes again!

This round there were definitely more stores, it seems...I was done with my first by 940am, I got there at 9am. 1st round was a quick browse, started filling my bag only at round 2 :)

The scene on ground floor, this is Azleen's happening store front (lots of nice , that's her in the yellow skirt n navy tee.
1st floor where the stores were placed far away from each groupsUp stairs down stairsCheap, nice shoes but a bit too dirty n too worn out...
These from the 1st were in better condition shoes
Alin who was the glam babe that day had pretty gorgeous goods, her store was swamped by groups n groups of women (and men looking on) tryin on her bags, shoes and me, trying on clothes out in the open. Haha, I got a choker from her, and....Alin and I settled for a barter trade, her Lolita Lempicka dress for my chiffon black blouse from Azleen's store
This is the store next to Alin's on the ground floor
Lazy kitty hanging out at the market...someone gave her a cup of drinking waterI went, saw and conquered...THESE!
beaded choker, RM 10
satin ribbon brooch, RM 2
Monet necklace, RM 6
(brand new) Sports visor (for J's golfing), RM20
clothes from Azleen's store (hey babe how do I spell your name? Pls correct me when you read this ya)
black chifon dress, RM 10
cream chiffon A-line skirt, RM 10
pink tiered skirt, RM 10...funky coolness, very Bjork?brown see-thro chiffon blouse, RM 5
black beaded n embroidered blouse, RM 5
Martina Pink silk tie-on tiered cardi, RM 5
black strappy chiffon blouse, RM 5 (now Alin's new love)
General Commerce white linen long sleeve blouse, RM 5

Sorry no time to snap pics of all my purchases, rushing this report out before I leave for Loei in Thailand for my very first music camp at Agalin. Will be back on the 23rd...meanwhile you folks stay stylo-mylo and keep those notes coming if you know of any sale coming up, ya?


Saturday, January 06, 2007


Reminder - Centre Point Flea Market on Sunday!! Jan 7!

See you folks on Sunday?

Centre Point Flea Market,
Centre Point,
Bandara Utama

January 2007

8am - 3pm

For further info speak to Shabana at 603-77266828

Report of the last one held on Nov 5...


Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Sarah's Sale - Dec 30 - Jan 1

Suzanne, the lady of the house welcomed me in the sunny morning of Dec 30 in their Section 14 house. She said the sale was put up to help little Sarah collect some cash for her new desktop. Sarah and family organised the garage sale that ran from Dec 20 - Jan 2.

Sarah and I
Sarah's mom took this antique mirror (kept in a box) out for me, vain pot. I had on three of her gorgeous 80s belts...the red one is my own.
These are only part of my purchases that day!! Got bunch of belts at RM 5 each :)
Gorgeous set of antique Melaccan belt and necklace, I left them there....didn't part with 50 bucks for the set..
Didn't buy these either, pity, too tight for me big feet...Stuart Weitzman, RM 50.
more stuff..

Well, Sarah I hope you collected lots of cash for your new PC, call me when you guys having another one!! Oh ya, big thanks to Cheryl for helping me find the house!!!


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