Monday, September 25, 2006


Confession of a self-righteous blog reader

I received a comment on my previous post. I decided to publish it and well, blog about it.

Dear Soul Doctor

We would like to give you a commendation for your effort in being sexy and getting more of us local and immigrant men aroused.

They say that if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

Thank you for being part of the solution to the problem of not having more sexy women that can arouse and titillate our local men (Mat Rempits, unemployed youths, recently released ex-convicts etc.) and immigrant men (Indons, Banglas etc.) who live, work or lepak [b]near the vicinities[/b] where our daughters, nieces, sisters, wives, aunts and girlfriends also lived, worked or lepaked.

It might not be outright porn but like the Malay proverb says, "Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit."

Or in some of our cases, "jadi gunumg berapi!" If you catch my drift.

Long live arousing, sexy women to make us happy and aroused!!

Bambang Wakirto
Acquisitions Commitee
(National Association of Immigrant and Local Men of Malaysia)

My Biodata
Name : Bambang Wakirto.
Age : 27
Sex : Virile male
Nationality : Indonesian
Occupation : Between jobs
Status : Illegal Immigrant

-Being aroused by sexy women in the media (print and electronic) and in public
-Being your modestly dressed sister's neighbour
-Hanging outside your innocent nieces' school
-Lepakking in the shopping mall where your girlfriends shops.

-Unsexy women


I just want to make this open and say what's on my head and in my heart. First of all I won't care to elaborate on the issue and argue, debate my way thro pages and pages...ok maybe just one page :)

This lame issue (yes, I sincerely think it is just lame) of sexy, attractive women being the problem of societies.

And dear old Bambamg calling male immigrants & foreign workers sex-crazed men, he is asking for it lah. And calling fashionable (btw, yes, Bambang, this website is dedicated to secondhand fashion and anything else I like) & sexy women the problem of men's vices.

This issue and men (and women) finger-pointing at women in dresses, without tudung, etc is very old, much debated on, written on, spoken...maybe Bambang missed those forums.

Thank you for your view but no, cannot agree with you and I think you should work on your problem.

On the surface you seem like a concerned person who is fearing for the safety of the likes of me, other women and your family. You feel the need to protect females from the bad bad wolf of media (porn, my website, movies, etc).

We need protection not from the aroused, you call them -- Mat Rempits, unemployed youths, recently released ex-convicts, immigrant men (Indons, Banglas etc.), we need protection from people like you, whether you're a man or woman.

People like you who would visit a fashion website and sign off as a 27-Indonesian illegal immigrant, a virile male. You are aroused but unfortunately you are also incredibly self-righteous. You are doing the easy thing, the easy way to feeling good about things, and yourself...putting the blame elsewhere.

It's so easy to point fingers on others. Rape cases -- the rapist wouldn't do it but he had to because of his nature (calls) and because the victim asked for it in her dress a little short.

Your argument is shallow.

Go study the science of sin, the study & research done on rapists profile.

There is a huge difference between men who ogle at women, and those who violate them. They are NOT the same kind. My boyfriend belongs to the first group, all men I know look at women, yes, even those who like men in bed, look at women. They look at your daughters, wives, girlfriends, in billboard, magazines, in school, shopping what?

They are not the ones we fear. Men capable of hurting others are more complicated than that. They could be also the ones sitting in malls but then what are you saying? Close the malls? Have special dress code implemented for all female species?

How about we impose special rules on self-righteous people instead...

Anyway, in the spirit of free speech, Bambang, I published your comment. In the name of a new world and freedom for all, human rights, and peace, and women who are free to be themselves, men who are normal, I suggest that you give your concern a rest and maybe you want to re-think your thoughts.

We cannot change where the media is heading, but we can change the way we buy our media. A clever reader filters information.

A stupid one unfortunately, we cannot help.

A smart person filters thro popular culture and creates his own. We all live in the same world but we don't have to all agree with some stupid popular belief (like the one you have), popularity doesn't mean truth.

But yes, go study the science of sin, and sinners.

BTW, you spelled these words wrongly in your comment but I have corrected them for this blog entry :)



Friday, September 22, 2006


I celebrate fashion, life & friends

While answering some interview on flea markets, I looked up my old photo albums and was swamped by memories of days not too long ago. I realised I have changed my style in a fairly short time. While my performing arts front (theatre) schedule got heavy, I have kept my more flamboyant style and traded it with the comfy (and stylish hopefully) rehearsal gear...

So I put together a little collage of looks I used to wear, with friends....and photos of my fashionista friends :)

My old mob is replaced by longer and very straight mane. Photo by Justin Just early this year I had fun posing for FHM Malaysia. Make up by Geraldine Loy

Light moments of fashion...
(left) SeeMing and I met up one day and we just turned up looking like those twins whose parents dressed them up in identical clothing...scary but we managed to pull it off nicely. (right) Accessories I wore for my (old) company fancy dress dinner

Putting looks together..

Partied with Ted (founder of Food Not Bombs KL) and SeeMing at Urbanscapes party, years ago. (right) Nell Ng & Xandria Ooi playing up the colors, recent photo at KL Tower

SeeMing and I at arty outing
Me, and me, and and then

One of my best party...the Rainforest World Music Festival in 2003, Kuching.

My `F-M' heels at a singing competition years ago, photo by Callista C.


Friday, September 08, 2006


Carboot Sale on Sep 10, 2006


50 cars of household goods.
Sunday 10/9/06. 8.30am to 3pm.
Jln Batu Caves opposite Shell Kiosk Gree-nwood Park.
All are welcome.
Call 012-2108391/013-2466063


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