Thursday, August 24, 2006


Second Charm in TTDI

Second Charm
53/53A, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL
Tel 603-7726 4889

5, Jalan Klapa (off Victoria Street)
Singapore 199317

At first look it always does look unassuming, and actually slightly uninteresting...that's why it's a real delight when you find something great there. The display of clothes in TTDI's Second Charm is quite a challenge for some, or should I say, getting to the clothes is a challenge there.

But look at the gem I got there on Tuesday this week.

Three cheongsams for RM 40, and check out the material...

Laced embroidery?

super condition still...

My favourite one, glitter glitter

I think these stuff make fantastic stage accessories

My favourite, three-strand-pearl necklace, wrap just nicely round the neck...perfect for your Breakfast At Tiffany's black cocktail dress. Bought at RM 15

This works as a belt...damn drama, cost RM 10

SeeMing took a picture of me in the `changing room', this is the glitter short number


Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Merdeka & School Holiday Garage Sale

Thank you Andre for the notice :)



HOUSEHOLD GOODS - MISC: Daily Use, Electrical, Gifts, Pottery etc.

READING MATERIAL – Books, Comics, Magazines


Wednesday 23rd – 11am to 3pm

Friday 25th – 11am to 3pm

Saturday 26th – 11am to 3pm

Sunday 27th – 11am to 3pm


2, Jalan 14/9,
46100 Petaling Jaya

See map below


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Previously loved vintage, died & gone to heaven in Portobello

I know I know, this portal is supposed to be about local flea markets...and there have been a number of entries on markets outside of Malaysia.

But no one said that we can't aspire to be like the markets we find overseas. I hope by showcasing the excitement in foreign markets, I can promote more local activities :)

"It seems like all the lovely clothes in England died and went to heaven in Portabello Road." See Ming

My mentor See Ming came back from her work trip last week and I visited her for a quick look what she conquered after work in London, Portobello to be more specific..clothes, lots of great boho fashion, I took some pictures..

I think this is my favourite, tube dress, gorgeous print

See Ming's favourite pink belt, it's mighty cool...goes with most things she bought there

A whimsical dress, you can't find this look in your new malls

To die for...

Jersey red dress, sexy yet classy

Pretty beads

...I guess I got my white dress after all, even though it's not all white, it is polka dots, my all time favourite print.

See Ming dolled up to go out in her new outfit and of course, favourite pink belt

See Ming's boudoir..

with her favourite man in it


Preview sale at Goddess' - Aug 13th

Had a ball at Goddess'preview jumble sale on Sunday...

Results and yes, Zal's report

Esprit white tank for my rehearsal nights, silk-satin skirt, oversize low cut skirt (turned out to be a great tube dress and tube top, perfect for my blue jeans, and the cotton strappy top for Nic to tame her bosom...

(not in pic) Also in my shopping bag that day were a self-help book, hilarious -- Always Talk To Stranger, 3 Simple Steps to Meeting The Love of Your Life and a little handbag for Empress.

The silky skirt

All girls so can flash skirt, act stupid and etc...victims - Cris, standing and Cheryl

Oh ya, might as well...the dress I wore to Goddess - it's an Amanda Darling dress consigned at Treasures (Plaza Mon't Kiara, Block E, ground floor). RM 100, I think it's fabulous, a happy dress...

I recommend you check out Treasures if you have some stash to splurge on a second hand (good condition still) Prada, Carcheral, Gucci...Channel, DKNY...


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Shopping report from Liz Chan, of Dijon market

Shopping report by good friend Elizabeth Chan, a Londoner working in Malaysia for 6 months. Enjoy the pictures and story...

Location: Dijon, France (3hour drive, south east of Paris)
Time – August 5th weekend 2006

This rustic beautiful French town is famous for its mustard and spiced cuisines as well as being in the region of some of the best wines produced in France (Burgundy and Beaune are neighbouring towns).

Vast beautiful lush vineyards in the region of Dijon….

These intricate, mosaic rooftops are signature for Dijon.

Apart from seeing the local architecture and main sights, I thought it would be nice to wander the cobbled streets to see if I can find any markets and one that sells clothes for Janet’s blog - after all, the French are fantastic for vintage and lace.

Near Rue de Jean Jacques Rosseau, you will find ‘Place de liberte’ - around there you will see the Saturday market.

It wasn’t a flea market as such….. I found it more for old books and a hodge podge of new and old stalls – still, it was charming for me. Funnily enough I bought an Ernest Hemingway here, ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ printed in 1954 for a whopping 5 Euros, BARGAIN!

Vintage bookstall with some real gems of Voltaire, Plato’s Socrates translated in French and I saw a corner dedicated to Asterix…. Of course they would!

Further down, I saw some second hand stalls but Dijobn being famous for food rather than fashion, nothing really tickled my fancy especially now I am working in KL and it’s always hot and humid. Somehow real leather knee high books and Dr Martens weren’t going to entice me to dig further.

Some parts of the markets contains some handicrafts originating from Africa and Vietnam/Cambodia ~(ex colonial ties I suspect….) and these pretty beach bags are hand weaved from Cambodia.

I quickly discovered an absolutely delightful delicatessen called ‘Fleurs d'Epices’, on 1 Rue De la Chouette. I wanted to buy the whole store as I am more of a foodie than a flea fan….

You will see a whole variety of Dijon mustard… the pink is mixed with salmon pate, the middle one is with traditional wholegrain mustard seed and the last is tarragon infused mustard (perfect accompaniment with steak!)

And these pastels as the French call them are rose, currant, lavender, orange, lemon and lime infused sweeties. I guess I should have bought a pack for Janet to sew on her cardies as buttons… no one would notice…

Hope you enjoyed the whistle stop tour of Dijon – if you get a chance, do visit, you’ll find it as charming as I did.

Other sights (editor)

Au reviour,

p/s I also went to Paris but nothing in the way of flea markets as for those of you not too familiar with the lifestyle and economic patterns of France, even in paris…. It’s a know fact that they’re pretty lazy :)
‘la France est fermée le dimanche’ = France is closed on Sundays.


Monday, August 14, 2006


Part 2: Mia Palencia tossing hats at Top Room

Mia brought Swinging Down To Business to Top Room on Aug 12, Saturday. Swinging to a full house audience. Few days before the gig she told me that she would like to use the accessories again and that this time since I could go, I could make some shots myself for this website. So I turned up early at Top Room and got a pretty good seat...unfortunately my phone camera wasn't ideal for night shoot. Nevertheless, I present some of my favourites shots of Mia in her element.

Singing Mac The Knife in the favourite beaded head piece from Perth, reprised from The Attic gig

Before that she sang Ella Fitzgerald in organza hat with corsage from Paris flea market and got the crowd bobbing to her Lady Is A Tramp and One For My Baby....

with David Gomez on the grand

The gold earrings' glitter..

Mia humoured us when she was asked to announce the number plate of a car's alarm that went off during the second set...

Posing after the encore, I asked Mia to show off her gold earrings from my collection...see they didn't quite turn out clear here in the picture. They are my latest addition in my earring collection. Bought them in silver, gold & black in different designs.

Mia, Rose, Soul Doctor & Trudy

and Kin Meng as the....thorn


Friday, August 11, 2006


SoulDoc's treasures went to The Attic with Mia Palencia

Got Mia's gig news two weeks back and a shame that I couldn't make it to her The Attic gig on Aug 9 (at rehearsal la!!!), some more it was her new repertoire with Llew Marsh!!!

Anyway it was a real delight when she called up to see if she could check out my collections of accessories for her gigs. She did a quick shopping at my pad with her Superman on Tuesday...though I couldn't see her in action on Wedsnesday night I got reviews from writer friend Zal who is reviewing her show for Kakiseni.

Not only that, Mia shared some of the pics taken by her good friend Cris Chen at The Attic.

I think this is her favourite shot?

Mia wearing 20's Gatsby inspired beaded head piece bought from Fremantle market in Perth, great vintage pearl necklace from Melacca Jonker Street.

Check out more shots of Mia by Cris Chen here.

Will be going to catch Mia tomorrow (Aug 12, 10pm) at her Swinging Down To Business Revisited at Top Room, Jalan Kia Peng. Come hear Mia singing all the legandary jazz icons classics! I hope to catch a few shots of her in my treasure box collections, mainly accessories collected through years of shopping in markets!


Monday, August 07, 2006


Article from -- Car Boot Sale in London

See Ming, KL's flea market queen who is also my mentor in flea markets and PR, just came back from a work trip in London...she shares this article with me.

Great tips for shoppers & sellers, Must Read!

I should be making a trip soon to her pad to check out her Portobello pick-ups...


Thursday, August 03, 2006


Flea market by Beuatiful Gate

Thanks to Sharanya for the notice

Beautiful Gate will set up a flea market on every first Sunday of the month from Sept 3 onward, at the field of Taman Millinieum of SS2, all the 20 stalls will be only managed by disabled people.

Our purpose are to create job opportunities for the disabled , to promote concept of reduce, reuse & recycling, and to generate income for Beautiful Gate Petaling Jaya Centre.

We welcomed donation of all kind of unwanted but usable items to be sold at the flea market. Your kindness and assistance are vital to make this market a success.

Any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us at 03-78736579, 019-2198440.

Messenger: Siew Chin


Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Going live! Aug 2nd on Red 104.9

Your resident doctor will be on air tomorrow,
Aug 2,
Red 104.9
Beauty and The Beast
(Nell & David)
from 745am till 9am,
chatting about flea market shopping.

Tune in for some tips on shopping second hand.... :)


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