Saturday, June 23, 2007


Splurging in Perth vintage finds

One week in Perth, with a daily working schedule in the theatre....STILL, I managed to do what I do very well, treasure hunt for the great second hand shopping!

(armed with J's camera Nikon D70s, I tried my best with point n shoot)

As usual, I do my rounds at the Good Sammy branches round where I stayed and the theatre, the two Good Sammy round my place there are on Murray Street, the newer branch is on No 183, pass the Murray Street Mall. Bought myself two sweaters in the stores, one for AD 4 and one for AD 12.90.

My first non-charity vintage shop, found it while on the way to St Vinnies Retro Shop.

Turnstyle Collectables
No 173, William Street.
(Open - 10am - 6pm Mon-Sat, 12-5pm Sun)

The shop lady was Ms Jenny, whom I admire for her understanding and patience :)

The beautiful shop...a must go if you can afford, Jenny would give you a discount. The items are a little pricey but Jenny didn't tag them, her boss Dean did.

I bought this beautiful diamante bracelet, a major investment for my stage career, it cost me AD 70, the tag said AD 89.
The lady of the shop, Jenny, with a lot of style.

Next stop, St Vinnies retro shop, also on William Street.

My pathetic attempt in capturing the gorgeous cocktail tube dress (A-line skirt) I bought there, AD 18. Fits me like a dream.

The morning on my second performance day at the theatre, I woke up too early to get to Subiaco weekend market. Subiaco is two train stations away from main Perth railway station. I got two mates with me, Melissa, stage manager, and Gan, Dama's photographer for the Perth tour.
The market
I nearly squealed in estacy when I found this shop.
Blue Flamingo
Chris Clark (from UK, where he goes back frequently to stock up on vintage stuff)
contact - 0402 201 153
art deco, 50s 60s 70s

Again, I bought too many pairs of earrings...I better be getting more singing jobs so I could do these heavenly accessories some justice, wearing them to show off while I sing.

Some of those I couldn't afford

But mostly Chris' pricing is lot more reasonable
Gan obliged me by taking this picture for me. Melissa is a good friend, she doesn't judge me by my spending habit :)
SOME of my purchases, not enough to open my own store but quite enough to stop me from further accessory shopping for a while...
The beautiful eyelet blouse is from Fremantle market, bead necklace from the Beads House in Fremantle.The show went well, am happy with my shopping and am quite happy to lay low for a while, after all, I have RM 100 left in my bank now :)


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Coming up! Report of Perth shopping...

hi shoppers! just touched down from Perth after a week-long show trip for Dama's Perth premiere of Butterfly Lovers The Musical.

found some really damn cool stuff, spent a fortune on earrings and A bracelet. lots of pictures to show you folks!!!!

leaving again for Boracay on Thursday, so hang in there, all reports will be up after June 21.

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Friday, June 01, 2007


MAA-MEDIcare Kidney Charity Fund Charity Bazaar - June 3, 2007

Are you ready to hunt for a bargain, while contributing to a good cause?!?

The MAA-MEDIcare Kidney Charity Fund Charity Bazaar is back with a wide range of books, VCD's, toys, ornaments, costume jewellery, accessories and household goods for sale at unbeatable prices. You'll sure to find yourself a good deal, while contributing to a charitable cause for our 600 needy kidney patients.

So come join us on the 2nd Floor of Amcorp Mall, PJ at our Charity Bazaar on SUNDAY, 3 JUNE 2007, from 10am. Don't miss this opportunity to hunt for some real bargains!

For more information please call 2142 1166 and speak to Kenneth or Shireen.

Thank you for helping us in our mission of 'Saving Lives Together'!

Sumitra Selvaraj

Public Relations & Special Projects
MAA-MEDIcare Kidney Charity Fund
Suite 16.01C 16th Floor
Menara MAA
12 Jalan Dewan Bahasa
50460 Kuala Lumpur

tel: 03 2142 1166
fax: 03 2142 2468



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