Monday, June 26, 2006


Shop with a heart

Just got off the phone with SPCA (The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)...folks, look out for SPCA Jumble Sale in November or December.

SPCA Selangor
Jalan Kerja Air Lama
68000 Ampang, Selangor.
Tel : 03-42565312, 42535179
Fax : 03-42528382
Email :

A tip for your trip to the sale in Nov or Dec, if you fancy bags and shoes, head straight to the bags n shoes corner (usually put together) first before you hit the clothes pile because the fabulous bags and shoes are usually gone quite early...and I mean EARLY, this is a sale you should go when the gates opens at 10am (usually 10am - 3pm) if you like to get your hands on the best bags. The clothes are plenty, in colossal piles and chances are you will still be able to find good items there after you raid the shoes n bags. If you like books, they are usually displayed right next to the bags.

Oh, how can I forget the accessories! The accessories are placed right in front of the side gate which is unfortunately not opened during the sale; to get there, you elbow everyone when the main gates open and head straight to the left and u-turn back to the side gate corner where the SPCA office is located too to get to the usually HUGE pile of accessories at incredible price.

Once happy with your purchases, you might want to consider going back on a normal day to volunteer at the shelter. The animals are too adorable to be seen only during the jumble sale. If you are looking to buy a pet, get one at SPCA or PAWS (Paws Animals Welfare) instead of paying high price at the pet shops, and you are helping the animals at the same time.

Other charity shops in Klang Valley

Bazaar Amal
a secondhand shop opened by Jireh Charity Village in Kajang. Sells new and used items to raise funds for the homes and the education of the children residing there. It is only open on Saturday from 10am till 7pm

Location: No 20, Jalan Seksyen 2/17, Kajang Utama (end of Jalan Bukit)
Contact: 603 8736 4500

Bless Shop
a project by Bless Community Service. The shop sells new and secondhand clothes, accessories, household items and books. All proceeds go to charity. Open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm.

Location: 41, Jalan 8/146 Bandar Tasik Selatan.
Contact: Len, 019 222 3226

PJCC Community Links
retail outlets of Petaling Jaya Community Centre (PJCC). PJCC promotes a self-sustaining and on-going programme at community level that utilises the resources of older persons, with participation from the young, for the benefit of all residents. The shops sell used clothes, bags, accessories, books, household knick-knacks. Proceeds collected for charity.

Location: 1st & 3rd floor, The Summit Subang USJ, Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 47600 , Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Main centre located at Jalan 17/31, 46400 PJ.
Tel: 603 7581841, 603 7593632, 603 7593683, 603 7593684

Besides shopping, you are welcome to donate your goods to the good use of these charities. Just call them and get the details on donation today!


Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Ready to Jumble, Rage, June 19

The Star's June 19 Rage, a college pullout featured me on its cover. Nasa Maria came over to my pad the week before to witness the goods on sale and all my secondhand goodies from all the years of secondhand shopping.

pics by Ricky Lai


Saturday, June 17, 2006


MiCasa charity bazaar - shopping report

Got there at 10:10am and there was already quite a buzz already, due to the blasting music over huge speakers.

A long line of food stalls, yes, some of them are straight from MiCasa All Suite Hotel food spread - fried poh piah, rojak suace fried tofu, pasta, cendol, chee cheong fun, cucuk udang, hot dogs, nasi lemak...

A long line of all-kinds...costume jewellery(brand new), CDs, books, old magazines, new clothes, health-check counters, antiques. I got a Ricard Wagner CD for RM20 and some back issues of Vogue and Marie Claire.

A lone store of used clothes and used hotel towels, throw pillow and bags. I bought six floor towels for RM6, a British India silk cotton shirt, RM10, two boxes for RM4 (right size for my overspilling accessories).

There was a clown that looks about 18 years old. A handful of annoying sales ppl trying to get me to find out how unhealthy I am by going for their cheap-cheap health check, RM 10 only, etc...

And other handful who thought I was foreign. I was wearing a flea market dress from Japan with flip flops...maybe the huge shades made me look alien.

Came home with the yummy chee cheong fun as lunch, going to change all floor towels now.


Friday, June 16, 2006


June 17 - Charity Bazaar @ Micasa


MiCasa All Suite Hotel

Let's Share, Care and Have Fun doing it!

Join us for a day of fun at our


Organised by MiCasa All Suite Hotel in aid of Stepping Stones, a non-profit organization who provides essential needs like shelter, food, clothing, education, medicine and love TO THE HARDCORE POOR.

Pick up great bargains at our Bric-a-Brac counter as well as multitude of other exciting stalls.


Saturday, 17 June 2006

10am - 3pm

MiCasa All Suite Hotel
368B, Jalan 1/68F, Off Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603 - 2179 8000


Thursday, June 15, 2006


Sales report for May

A short summary of what a great month May was for secondhand shopping...

Thanks to Dina Zaman's posting at Word Up, I went to two great back to back jumble sale on May 12th and then May 20th.

May 12th saw me and SeeMing getting up early and we arrived first at Nora's jumble sale at Prima Duta. I bought a Bruno Magli handbag & a Ferrogamo purse at RM 5 each, SeeMing picked a few pairs of silk Baju Kurung for about the same price each. Of course we left later with our shopping bags (oh yes, we always bring our own shopping bags so that we can help the sellers save on plastic bags and paper bags) filled to the reams.

The May 20th sale saw a strong force of 12 vendors gathered at Jalan Setiakasih (Damansara Heights). The house owner Mel was moving out and she got her friends like Izlyn Ramlee and Yasmin Yusof among others to set up this incredible galore of designer wear at very, really affordable price (some cried in disgust when they saw the price tags), with other goods like books, CDs, household items, toys, plants, paintings....Michelle got this leather DKNY in good condition for RM20...that was when vendor Izlyn nearly passed out in horror. I got a GUCCI black blouse for the same price too...and a BCBG Maxzaria wraparound dress for RM5.

Came May 27th where I held my own store at Celine's moving out sale at Section 13 PJ. I bought a couple of MNG sweaters for SeeMing (RM5 each) and a black see thro sequinn shrug for RM15. Sold some load of my clothes to Celine and her mom's friends...and other girlfriends and WordUppers who came round in the hot weather. I packed most of the clothes in my car boot till early June and I managed to sell some of them off my car boot later to friends. My price range from RM1 per piece to RM5...some at RM10 each but nothing higher than that.

June came and I have already splurged on a few theatre outings....I hope to hear of more moving out sale in July!

Well if you know of any, you know what to do!



How I create looks with secondhand fashion

The possibilities are endless, am talking about the fashion in secondhand shopping. The looks that I have been getting in and out of with my secondhand wardrobe...I woudl like to show you some of the combos that I have wearing, all these years ever since I started shopping at flea markets years ago. I have managed to style these looks with the secondhand finds from both local markets and overseas, some bought by my best pal, Chong SeeMing who is my inspiration in secondhand shopping.

pic by Danny Lim

Black gown from Sydney flea market, 8 A-Dollars; necklace from Amcorp Mall flea market, RM 5

pic by Justin Tan

Black suede biker jacket from SPCA sale, bought by SeeMing; lycra 80's dress from Second Charm, RM 8; funky handbag from SPCA sale, RM 5; dog's company - priceless

pic by TV Smith

Boa bought in Paris flea market by SeeMing, earrings from Amcorp Mall flea market, RM 1

pic by Danny Lim

pic by SeeMing

Earrings from Amcorp Mall flea market, RM 1; Indian wrap skirt from Sydney flea market, 8 A-Dollars

pic by Justin Tan

Original Mesh bag & diamante brooch from Amcorp Mall flea market, RM 15 & RM 5

pic by Justin Tan

White crochet cardigan from a bundle shop next to Satok market in Kuching town, RM 8

pic by Image Studio

Red dress from Red Cross shop in Reykjavik (Iceland), bought by SeeMing

pic by Justin Tan

White shirt from PJCC kiosk, RM 3; Indian skirt from SPCA sale bought by SeeMing



Why shop secondhand with me?

we don't need to spend more money in another meaningless spanking new mall

one man's poison is another man's meat

we have enough stuff we don't want anymore in our wardrobes to share with the entire female population

we appreaciate affordable and unique fashion that comes from yours and my closet

recycling is a virtue

it's a waste to keep beautiful clothes you don't wear anymore in your wardrobe -- make them pay for your next shopping spree

shopping secondhand is just MORE FUN!

if you also enjoy shopping second hand, please email me your reasons for doing so I can add onto this list.


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