Thursday, November 30, 2006


Sales THIS WEEKEND -- Dec 2!! Jalin Realty& KecharaHouse

Ok, you missed last week's sale @ Damansar Height? DON'T MISS this weekend's round 2 at Realty Garage Sale in Sri Hartamas:

JALIN REALTY will be organizing a Garage Sale for Sri Hartamas Residents as one of our community service project. We aim at creating a fun-fair atmosphere so that all participants will have fun while achieving their individual goal.

As this is a community project, NO FEE will be charged to any participating house owners.

Our next community Garage Sale Fun Day will be on
Date: 2nd December 2006 (Saturday)
Time: 9.00AM – 2.00PM
Where: Jalan Sri Hartamas 3,10,11,12,13,14,15,16

To find out more please call
CHRISTINE LEE: 019 334 8306 or 03-6203 9988
Christine Lee is our Property Consultant for SRI HARTAMAS area.



Dear Friends,

We have some brand new, good quality, cool /fun clothes for sale, with all proceeds to be donated to KH Expansion Plan (Kechara House).

The clothes have been kindly donated by a KH member, Mr. Alex Tan's company, and will be for sale at very, very reasonable prices – e.g. from RM8 for a spaghetti top, Jeans, skirts, work tops – a whole range… from teenagers upwards! Brands include Soda and Voir..

Start shopping for Christmas and Chinese New Year now!!

Tea, coffee and cakes will be on offer too..

Please come by this Saturday!

Date: 2 December
Address: 369 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar (terrace house near Bangsar Shopping Centre, Star KTV end)

Time: 10am - 7pm

Please call me if you need directions 012 489 4891(SHARON).
Many thanks for your support and I look forward to seeing you.


Sharon Saw
KecharaHouse Expansion Committee

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


The weekend at Damansara Heights - report!

Sandra (of M! The Opera fame) organised last weekend's garage sale. There were stuff from her household, Heyley's, Nicole's and mine.

The evening before the ladies got together for a little organising and inevitably, checking out each others' goods :)
That was my blouse...and Vanessa looking at me, and Nicole at the blouse and Sandra picking at the Beatrice Looi chiffon blouse

Lucky me, I got this hat from Sandra while she continued to clear her wardrobe...

Sandra getting ready in the morning

My little store at the sale

Regular reader Pecky checking our Heyley's designer shades collection on offer

Jai bought SeeMing this box

The bag ladies unite!

Ping Ping, my kawan from the Star also shopped! I was clearing out her handbags and some knick knacks at my store and it was quite a success, am contemplating becoming a future consignment shop owner :)

My customer, Mazuen, and Ping Ping

Heyley went, "Don't you think this is very vintage?" she bough the hat from my store...yes, the goods kind of went around the vendors too

The wonderful accessories I bought from Heyley's store

Winnie and Tara from Jasmine mag buy buy buy

Hehe, and little Vanessa kept coming back to my table for more...she bought this sequin hairband from me

Vanessa holding up thos Esprit dress I bought for Anrie who couldn't come on Staurday..

Anrie came over on Sunday when we had our 2nd day sale, she bought a bunch of cool dresses from Sandra, including this gorgeous black number..

I also got her to try on my dress, she looked GREAT in it but it was cutting a bit too tight so I ended up keeping it in my out-goin box still...

One great sale and for those who missed it, don't the next time!!!!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The Fashion diary is here!!!

As promised, here it is!!!

Soul Doc Moments

A spanking new website, dedicated to capture my favourite moments in fashion. SeeMing suggested the title aptly, saying I can call each great moment of fashion can be called as `having a Soul Doc moment."

Now I have official reason to take as many pictures as I like of those cool styles I see out there, yay!

A picture from the new stylo friends...

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Expat Garage Sale this weekend!! -- Nov 25th at Jalan Beruas



25th, November 2006
10am to 2pm

62 Jalan Bruas
Damansara Heights

*directions *
if you are coming from PJ on the Dsara highway from LDP, pass Victoria Station restaurant and that row of shops on your left, skip the flyover going to KL on the middle lane and KEEP LEFT. You will pass a SHELL gas station on your left soon, slow down when you see the gas station and look out for the exit to JALAN BERINGIN sign on your left and turn into Jalan Beringin, keep going along Jalan Beringin till you pass a school on your right (sorry I don't know the school name), look for the left turn into Jalan Beruas then, the house is on your right.

Please tell your friends, maids, drivers
as all items will be sold
at ridiculous prices!

Heaps of Clothes and
Bric-a-brac up for grabs!

Call 012 3811557 or 012 378 3730
for further information.

* Sandra my singing friend is hosting this sale and she has very kindly invited me to join her at the sale with my own corner of stuff for sale so come round folks, for my store and Sandra's and some of her friends' knick knacks!! Remember the tips I gave for garage sale, come early!!!


Saturday, November 18, 2006


Shopping questions (from Jay E) and my comments

Jay E left a comment on my previous post...

oh haha...i bought 4 brand new clothes from Lyn's stall at Rm30 (i hope the price was reasonable for garage sale like this).

Oh yeah, can you pls give some tips for choosing the right outfit? Coz we can't try those clothes and sometimes different brand have different cutting...

More, some clothes are gorgeous but not it's not our usual we should just leave it or take the risk and get it home?....

y answers to these issues are that, different women/shoppers have different style of dealing with shopping like that -- can't try on clothes, unfamiliar with market price of such items, etc.

But I am certainly most happy to share with you my way of dealing with it and my comments.

Ask yourself whether you are WILLING to take the risk on THAT particular item you are considering. You don't have to have A FORMULA to all situations, treat each clothe item with separate consideration.

Consider each items

-- price, is it cheap/affordable enough for you to risk your cash if you aren't sure whether it fits/fits your style/compatible with the rest of your wardrobe, etc.

-- design, is it yet another safe item, safe as in it's like most other skirts/shirts/dresses in your wardrobe already? Or is it something completely different -- then evaluate WHY it caught your eye -- are you thinking of dressing up differently soon? Just being impulsive?

-- fitting, with price n design aside -- DOES IT FIT YOU? With some clothes you can just tell whether it fits by just looking so that's the easy bit. In my experience, you can ALWAYS try on clothes at sales (2nd hand sale), whether it's outdoor or in a hall. MOST vendors would say go ahead and try them, REMEMBER to ask for a fitting. Run to the nearest bush, toilet, enclosed area, etc. My advise is always dress for your shopping, wear something practical for you to pull over something to try without having to strip in public, eg. wear an A-line skirt when you go so you can try on jeans, skirts, pants, boots, etc; wear a fitting tank top so you can pull over blouses, dresses, jackets....etc and still see if it sits nicely on your get the idea. IF you really can't find a way to try it on, consider what is your loss if you bought it and found out at home you can't fit or it's fitting. Consider your opportunity cost la, sell to a friend? Give it away? ALTER it?

Speaking of alteration, if you shop 2nd hand a lot, chances are you would need to have a good tailor who does fantastic job on alteration.

My trusted one through the years is PINKY HOUSE at Sungei Wang, 3rd floor, the little pink shop behind those travelling agencies and that MUSIC CHAMBER outlet.

Those are my quick thoughts on your questions, please feel free to write in further if you have other comments/questions :)

Oh ya folks, I had a great time yesterday on the shoot for January issue of the Malaysian edition of JASMINE, a Taiwanese fashion mag. I was one of the shoppers they interviewed for their Best Buy column (I hope I got it right Winnie!!!!). I shared with them my shopping style and shopping stories...of course I got to meet other girls who obviously shop a lot, and I got to wear my favourite, a sneak preview...

Goffing around were (from left) Sze Yoong of Estee Lauder, Winnie and Tara from Jasmine

Vicky our make-up artist and Karen (right)-- drama queens

Vicky making up for her shoot too, she is the smoky eyes specialist by the way :)

she touched up my at home attempt smoky eyes and gave me a mini smoky eyes effect, yay!

so remember, go get your copy of Jasmine mag in January!



SALE this weekend - Nov 17 & 18

26 Jln SS2/22 P. J.
18 & 19 Nov
Boys 2-5yrs Clothes, toys, books, shoesLadies-clothes, shoes all sizes

FURNITURE (LOUNGE S-et), Plants, Books, Toys, Electricals,
House Fittings and lots more.
Call 012-2323408

Ms Goh,
no 212,
Riana Green


Friday, November 17, 2006


My exciting plan ahead

Hi's been smashing for me, running about from shoots to parties, home nursing my bursting wardrobe, run thro my music, and getting dressed to go out again -- all I'm saying is, am happy to be out of rehearsal clothes and back into my swinging dressing style :)

and yes, I have good news. I will be starting a brand new blog, dedicated to documenting the best styles of our days. It will be both my fashion diary (you'll see how) and a platform to showcase the beautiful things I see...that would include stylish friends in their great combo, strangers I see ANYwhere, great window style and more :)

The diary idea came from my partner in crime, SeeMing. Earlier today I found The Sartorialist and wow, talk about instant inspiration...

Yes, one new blog is coming soon, very very soon.

To give you an idea of what it could look like, my style, my version...

pic by SeeMing
pic by KinMeng

Till the big party of style starts, you have a nice fashionable day ahead!


Monday, November 06, 2006


The bag ladies did it again...

So the crazy weekend has come and gone, so many sales, so little time. I had to skip the YMCA car boot sale on Saturday for work. SeeMing maybe she could give us a little report soon, with some shots she took there. On Sunday I was up by 8am. SeeMing jumped in my car we drove to Ampang, SPCA jumble sale...first stop.

At 945am, the eager folks outside the gate of SPCA looking in to see the day's offer inside the gate.

The crowd grew by the minute before 10am...

My gang all ready for the sale...SeeMing, Jai & Pekkie

Naturally we went crazy, it's always been RM2 here, for one item...unless stated otherwise. SeeMing spotted some wedding dresses there, yes, at RM2 each, some were actually quite a looker but sorry, forgot to take some snaps.

Guess what SeeMing and I found at the nearby 7-Eleven while we had our after sale drink...
...and I thought I had the weekend's sales covered. Haha, I guess I will need to hire a full time assistant to keep track of all sales in Klang Valley?? The culture is growing...

Later on at Centre Point Garage was an interesting market with vendors spread all over the old and new wing...with one obscure one at Fitness Network (gym) on 1st floor, old wing. The lady at the Fitness Network store said she would leave the leftover goods at the outlet so that I could go back for more :)

I met Winnie who was selling her home-made pickled papaya, clothes, and bags..

Found a pretty little red Dior kitten heels, too small for me and too big for SeeMing.
One of my two brand new items bought at this market...Lyn the vendor showing off the Prada-inspired full skirt I bought, RM 20

And the belle of the ball at Centre Point was...yes, I bought all these three vintage dresses, and two more...from the lady at Fitness Network, oops I forgot to ask for her name.

Some of my purchases from SPCA sale

This one from Centre Point...didn't think I would fit but thought I could do with a dress like that for RM 10. It turned out I could fit in it :)

The damage for me is higher in total this round, mainly because the vintage dresses cost RM 20 each, still, fine material they were made of, all chiffon. Oh speaking of chiffon...and price difference, I got a this sari at SPCA for 2 bucks, made in Japan, of French chiffon...found its place in my pad now, in Selangor, Malaysia!

Overall I got better quality stuff this round, in terms of the clothes' condition, design and made, it's a busy life I have this year end...juggling work (sing, sing, sing) and dressing up, reading up all the books I collected thro the months, theatre to go, year end parties and moreeee...

Have a goood week ahead dressing up, hopefully in your great buys from the sales.

A little preview, I will be doing an entry (SOON) on some of my tried n tested fashion tips, accessorizing tips, hopefully complete with pictures :)


Thursday, November 02, 2006



Hi Janet!

This is Mary Wong, one of your favourite (I hope :) ) traders in Amcorp Mall. Just came across your blog for fleamarkets etc. Perhaps you could mention that the YMCA in Brickfields is having a car boot sale this coming Saturday. Sorry have no details with me as I am on holidays now.

Also if all is well then Jalin Realty will be organizing their 2nd garage sale event in Sri hartamas this coming Saturday. But I havent had confirmation of that as yet.

Meanwhile, thanks for your purchases last Sunday and enjoy all the sales this weekend. (Wah, would have loved to go to the SPCA one and the ABWM charity sales, so pls enjoy for me!)


Mary Wong (and Bridget)

Thank you Mary for the notice, yes, I love the stuff I bought at your store (pics later)...I guess we can call up YMCA for details.

, 95, Jalan Padang Belia, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +603-22741439
Fax: +603-22740559

OK, NOW! A recap on all the sales happening this weekend!!! On the CRAZZZZY Nov 4!!!! and Nov 5

Saturday - Nov 4
1. YMCA Car Boot Sale (Brickfields)

Sunday - Nov 5

1. SPCA Jumble Sale (Ampang)
2. Centre Point Flea market (Bandar Utama)
3. British Women In Malaysia Christmas Bazaar (Crown Princess KL)

Next month....

s for the Jalin garage sale, got this from their website


1. Have a family fun day
2. Provide your children with retail business experience & make some money out of it
3. Turn your pre-loved articles into cash
4. Turn your over-stuffed house into a comfortable home
5. Do you have any pre-loved books, furniture toys, clothes, shoes, T.V. radio, fridge, etc... THAT YOU WANT TO GET RID OFF?

JALIN REALTY will be organizing a Garage Sale for Sri Hartamas Residents as one of our community service project. We aim at creating a fun-fair atmosphere so that all participants will have fun while achieving their individual goal.

As this is a community project, NO FEE will be charged to any participating house owners.

Our next community Garage Sale Fun Day will be on
Date: 4th December 2006 (Saturday)
Time: 10.00AM – 3.00PM
Where: Jalan Sri Hartamas 4 ,5,6,7,8, 9, SRI HARTAMAS

To find out more please call
CHRISTINE LEE: 019 334 8306 or 03-6203 9988
Christine Lee is our Property Consultant for SRI HARTAMAS area.


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