Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Where to shop this weekend?

Three separate jumble sale this weekend!!!!! YOOOHOOOOOOO! Mark your diary!


Quality items - Novels, non-fiction books, magazines (some Reader's Digest, Australian Women's Weekly, Fortean Times and more), kids' books, toys, VCDs; shoes, clothes; dining & kitchen ware; bags; computer table, desk, bookcase, chest of drawers, gift items; and more!

Venue: 51 Jalan 20/5, Paramount Garden, 46300 PJ - behind New Seaview coffeeshop, near Sea Park and Section 14

Date: May 2 & 3 (Sat & Sun)

Time: 11am-3pm

Contact: 012-214 3030 (Evelyn) / 012-690 1604 (Liz)

For enquiries, please e-mail Elizabeth at


Saturday, 2 May and Sunday, 3 May
10:00 am to 2:00 pm

No 11, Lorong Kekabu, off Jalan Jelutong, Damansara Heights

contact - Kurt 6012 200 1179

Quality Home Furnishings:

Oval Telephone Table / 2 Teak Captain’s Chairs /
2 Captain’s Chairs Cushions / Coffee Table w/ 2 Glass
Panels (one missing) & Corner Table Set / Teak 2 pc. Screen / Caledon
Lamp Base / Solid Oak Expandable Dining Table –
From 4’ to 8’ / 6 Dining Table Chairs w/fabric seats
/ Wood Bedside Table w/drawer / Full Size (Queen)
Metal Bedframe and Mattress / Old Fashioned
2-Tier Computer Table, Book & DVD Shelves and MORE!

Kitchenware & Appliances
Moulinex Master Chef 47 Food Processor / National Blender /
Iona Slow Cooker / SEB Deep Fryer / Pensonic Sandwich Maker /
4 pc. Sizzling Steak Set / Wine Glass Sets / 6pc. ½-Pt Beer Glass Set /
Flatware, Tableware, Ovenware, Pots & Pans, Utensils & Gadgets /
4-pc. Coffee Mug Tree Set and Assorted Mugs and MUCH MORE!

PLUS … Stuff for Kids, Classic Board Games, LOTS of Books/ VCDs & DVDs,
Nikon AF 601 camera (NON digital) w/ 35-70mm, 35-80mm & 70-220mm lenses
KnickKnacks, PaddyWacks, a Plushy Dog Bone Toy

Bijou Bazaar @ Jeumpa D'ramo


May 2 & May 3

102 - 104 Jalan Maarof, 59100 Bangsar

Hey Recessionistas!

Yup, the economy sucks! What more can we say? But there is some retail relief on the way for you peeps who want something stylish to wear or give yourself a treat but need to stick to a budget. Yes again, we handpicked the best vendors around, who offer unique stylish picks + quirky treats without making you drop a ton of RMs in the process. ;o)

Grab your purses, put on your shopping shoes, and let's snag us some fantastic deals! Go, go, go!

Mark you mobile phone calendar NOW, it's:

Bijou Bazaar @ Jeumpa D'ramo
2 + 3 May 2009 weekend
Operating Hours: 10 am - 6 pm

Don't forget to bring your own shopping bags too! Help the vendors keep their cost low + at the same time, be eco friendly. ;op

Owh, if you need a place to hang out with your mates, this coming weekend, we’d love to have you too ... Lai! Lai! Lai!


Thursday, April 09, 2009


My plead to all...

emailed this to my entire email address book earlier, here's to some of you not on my address book...

Dear friends, families, clients & colleagues, 

Howdy :)

I am soliciting something to you thro this mass email (apologies) but No, there won't be any money involved in this solicitation so hold on to your wallets :)  nor there is a political propaganda so hold your tongue ;p

Am sure many of you have noticed that I carry with me a funny (or scary to some) looking drinking bag with me wherever I go, it's a FDA (US Food & Drug Association) approved imported plastic bag for holding drinking liquids call Platypus.  I have been using that drinking bag for more than a year now, and before I purchased that bag, I was carrying around large drinking bottle to keep myself hydrated.  

I have chosen a lifestyle of having my own drinking bottle/bag around because I want to reduce my personal consumption of plastic products (bottled mineral water for a start).  I also always carry in my various huge handbags a set of reusable utensil so I don't need to use another plastic spoon or fork at food courts or take out counters.  In my handbag on most days, I have with me a foldable shopping bag so I don't have to take a plastic bag to hold my purchases over the cashiers.

Am sure all of you would have at some point have heard of all the busy talk about saving the earth, protect the planet, our environment, global warming, etc etc.  I live a very busy schedule and am sure most of you do too, although I wish I have more resources and time to organise green movement on a grander scale, I figure at this rate, I will just do what I can manage at this point by doing my little part thro my everyday routine and small bits -- things everybody can do with just a little bit effort -- you know we cannot pretend that going green is ever easy but doing a small bit ISN'T HARD.

So I do my small bits in 

- the few things I've already mentioned above, carry my own drinking water around, have my own shopping bag handy, use my own compact utensils.
- turning off lights when I leave a room
- switch off the air con when I don't need it
- turn off the tap when I'm brushing my teeth
- pack my take-out in my own Tupperware
- turn off my PC screen when I go out
- shop second hand :)  cheap n good 

Ok, that's enough granny story to illustrate my point quite simply?  I heard this the other day over the radio just before the Earth Hour event, a guy from an NGO saying to the radio show host - "Frankly, the planet earth doesn't need any saving, the earth will heal itself if it is rid of modernisation& over-harvesting.  Really, it is us, the human beings that need to be saved, from our destructive ways -- at this rate we are going, we will extinct pretty soon if we don't slow down -- so really, what we are doing in our green movement is to save ourselves from being swallowed in our own mess."  

So I urge you, if you aren't already (I know some of you are already doing it) thinking about saving ourselves, please spend a few moments to ponder over.  There is a bottomless  amount of facts, reports and statistics about global warming, exhausting natural resources, etc etc...everywhere we look so I shan't attempt to paint the picture to you here, the picture isn't a pretty one but there is no reason to give up. 

Now, specifically, I am urging all of us to REDUCE (not stop, just reduce) our consumption of Disposable plastic products, know what I mean.  

I volunteer with a group set up by a few friends name The Recyclist, we have a grand project called the Project Daily Million -- we aim to collect one million Malaysian signatures, of people who are consciously thinking about saving and reducing the use of plastic bags (and sorts) AND do save a plastic bag a day -- hence, a million bags saved on daily basis: Project Daily Million.

Now, last but not least, if you agree to my notions above, please spend a minute by signing your name on The Reccylist & Project Daily Million site at:

(please note that this site is still being updated as we speak so please ignore the out-dated pledgers list, we have more than 105 pledgers today)

Details on our (The Recyclist) mission and objectives is on the site, Project Daily Million
please help yourself, we welcome feedback & ideas.  Do check the site again in a week's time for our new look and updates.  

Thank you for reading and for your  time :)

Have a green day ahead...

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