Monday, August 27, 2007


The happy-sunny-eat-all-day-fun fair

The fair started with a drizzle during set-up but the day went on with bright sunny weather throughout, with very welcoming breeze in the afternoon. I wish I have taken more pictures of the vendors at the fun fair, made up of mainly Bandar Utama residents.

Some of them were

Angie, at her crystal jewellery storeLynnit and her gorgoeus gem stonesHan Nee, the lady for beautiful nails...

Angelia and Min put up a cokie-cake-comics situation...Min's cupcakes
Min the cake artist
Mary Anne Tan posing with a goody from her charity store for the single mothers.
her `dogs'
and her store, with many friendly volunteers
The ladies of the fab 2nd hand fashion store, PingPing, Zal and yours truly
We did pretty well in the sale department, the price says it all why...
Trinkets and stuff
Nell Ng bought one of these handmade crochet bags
the bag artist, none other than Mama (next to me), who was there for a while to check out the fun fair

and being a community fun fair, there were many school kids running round with cheap cold drinks
and there was this busy clown..

and there was Lilian showing some of us how it's done, to wear a Thai-tie-pants
and there was Justin the man, offers cookies to customers to my customersand also Eugene, Zal's man
Nell Ng got something up her...sleeves?Ben Tan busied himself with snapshots


Monday, August 20, 2007


Fun Fair & Bazaar THIS SATURDAY @ 1 Utama Central Park

1 Utama Merdeka Community Fun Fair

25 August 2007
10.30am - 6pm
@ Central Park Bandar Utama (opposite 1 Utama)

It's a day long celebration saluting the Nation's 50th Merdeka.
Come join our outdoor community extravaganza! From yummy home cooked food to fun fair activities, you'll have plenty of reason to visit over 70
enticing games, F & B and bazaar booths -- lovingly put together
by students, residents and community group.

Entry is free!

F & B Game Stalls

Fashion & Handicraft Bazaar

Entertainment Galore

Public Services

Arts On The Move

Feature write-up in NST, Aug 20, 2007

yours truly will be there too, come vist n shop at my 2nd hand fashion store!!
*dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes, bags, accessories*


Monday, August 13, 2007


SPCA Jumble Sale is BAAAACCCK - yay!!!

thanks to Marrianne for emailing this :)


(Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)


TIME : 10AM - 1PM

It's time again for the long awaited SPCA Jumble Sale. Lookout for
30th September 2007 from 10am to 1 pm at the SPCA Selangor shelter for a
day of exciting bargain hunting! From good condition second hand
clothes, shoes, accessories to electrical and household items and lots more.
All under one roof!!

The SPCA is now calling for good, unsoiled saleable items to be
donated by the public for their Jumble Sale. The public is invited to join
and support the SPCA on that day to complete their Jumble Sale! The
funds raised will be used directly for the maintenance of the SPCA Selangor
shelter and its animals.

See you there!!!

If you would like to be a volunteer please call (Marianne Alvisse) 012 - 65 31441


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